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SSC Result 2020 | এসএসসি রিজাল্ট ২০২০ | এখানে দেখুন

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The result will be published on 7 May 2020 by on the Secondary Education Board. The review commenced on February 03 and was completed on February 27, 2020. So here are SSC Exam & Result information.
But today I will share A to Z around SSC & SSC Exam results getting cycle for all education boards including the SSC Vocational & SSC Dakhil Education Board. From this page you can validate SSC Result 2020 BD rather simply by Roll or Registration Number.
The Bangladesh Secondary And Higher Education Board will publish the SSC Exam Result very soon via its official website. This website is also responsible for supplying you with the SSC result 2020 Bangladesh Board of Education

    SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh

    A Board of Bangladesh Secondary & Higher Education conducts tests once a year, with more than 1-2 million students appearing for SSC and approximately 1.5 million for the HSC exam. Annual SSC exam conducted in the first week of February but HSC also conducted an examination in the first week of April.
    But the SSC Exam is Bangladesh's biggest public review board of education. If an applicant completes the JSC (Junior School Certificate) exam successfully, he/she gets an opportunity to take the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) exam instead.

    It is also regarded as the school's Matric Test or the 10th Final Exam. In general, applicants from a particular organization participate in the 16-18 Year Grades test.
    In reality, all Bangladesh boards of education launched the SSC exam this year on 2 Feb 2020. A total of ten (10) Education boards entered the test. There will be eight (8) Education boards in general, one being Madrasah Education and one being the Technical Education Board.SSC Exam of the year sets the test record of the past year. Participate in the exam due to the 21,35,333 examination this year. Specifications are set out in the following table
    Total Students: 2,047,771Total  Centres: 3,512.

    SSC Result Published Date 2020

    Apart from both SSC practice, SSC Result will be released by the High Secondary Board on 7 May 2020. When an SSC Examination period is to be observed then the board is supposed to declare the result at this period.
    The review of the SSC concluded on 27 Feb 2020. We understand that the preliminary authority in Bangladesh always tries to disclose the results of the analysis within 30 or 60 days of the test being completed. But this will help you get your date out of it. The findings will, therefore, be published as of May 07, 2020. We will update the result date on our site on why we use the official date from the official website.

    How To Get Your SSC Result 2020?

    If you start reading these papers, the information needs to be known only to the SSC Analyze 2020 and its Guardians. If you're one of us, just read the full post, or feel free to learn more about both the 2020 SSC Exam Result from the Bangladesh Education Board.

    We will include all the essential steps of information here, point by point. It will offer you better facilities by reading the material. And don't mind wasting your time. Stay here with us only, and read more about the Education Commission's findings.

    SSC Result Online 2020

    Each student will also be able to collect their results immediately after releasing their SSC Result 2020 from the approved website of the Bangladesh Education Board for use of the Internet. Your most recent session in web time. And you can get your Internet / Online score easily.
    Simply search the official Bangladesh Board of Education Result site to obtain your SSC Result 2020 from both Websites. Do you accept the BD Test Web Address or Board of Education Connection? If it does, then have it now. 1st Sign in to or and follow the rules and rules of this website. SSC Result 2020

    First you must visit the / app (Authorized Website) and then click the "SSC / HSC / JSC / Equiv Response" button. They picked Review, Test Year, Board of Education term, before that. Lastly, enter your Roll Number and check the Verification Code and Submit Press button to get SSC Result 2020 immediately.
    • Click on "SSC / HSC / JSC / Equivalent Result" 
    • Choose the "SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent" option from 
    • "Examination" Select "Year" 
    • Select "Board" 
    • Choose the "Individual Result" 
    • option from the "Response Form" 
    • option Form "Roll Number" 
    • Enter the appropriate "Security Key" 
    • Finally, click on the "Response" button.
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    SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet

    • Go To
    • Click on "SSC / HSC / JSC / Equivalent Result"
    • Select the "SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent" option from "Examination"
    • Select “Year”
    • Select “Board”
    • Chose “Institute Result” in the “Result Type” option
    • Type “EIIN Number”
    • Input the correct “Security Key”
    • Click Get Result
    The Board of Education Result Government BD was the first official service of the Bangladesh School Board which gives us every test result. The questioning is now very normal.
    You'll easily check your result by supplying the information you need. Roll & Registration Number, such as the name of the group. SSC Result 2020

    The Board of Education Result Government BD was the first official service of the Bangladesh School Board which gives us every test result. The questioning is now very normal.
    You'll easily check your result by supplying the information you need. Roll & Registration Number, such as the name of the group.
    • Go To
    • Then pick this alternative under the "SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent test."
    • So instead this year, or another year of the test, pick "2020."
    • Then, pick the choice "School Board" on the board of education.
    • Your Board Exam roll number after form six digits "Roll Number."
    • Then form Register number [New option]
    • Do it must be careful to fill in the "Captcha file."
    • Click Submit get your SSC result 2020

    SSC Result 2020 By SMS

    SMS is a very easy and very practical way to check any outcome from the Board Exam. Any examiner can use a mobile SMS to check their results for the SSC Exam. Write SSC < Space > Name of the board < Space > Roll < Space > Exam Year and go-to choice for post. So send the 16222 SMS, and get your answer immediately.
    The Board of Secondary & Higher Education of Bangladesh made this excellent service. This app is also part of every enterprise with mobile operators. So, you could use a sim from any mobile provider service in Bangladesh. See to it that your account is in good order. Your account costs 2.50 + Taka. Below are brief explanations.
    SSC DHA 32457465 2020 Here SSC means the exam name, DHA means the Board of Education's first three letters, Roll number 32457465 and Exam year 2020.
    Each sim operator eventually sends a message to 16222.

    SSC Result 2020 By Android App

    You will collect your SSC Result 2020 via the Mobile Apps. This method only applies to users of the cell phone. They can easily obtain your result if you have an Android phone by following those requirements. The process of collecting the SSC Exam Result 2020 from iPhone apps (mobile phone users) is very easy, as with the process of collecting the SSC Result 2020 via the Online Internet.
    Simply visit the Google Play store and install the BD Result Apps (Powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited) if you do not have a non-installed Mobile app on your phone. Follow the steps on How to get SSC Result either from the Web after positive download or try again. We hope you will be able to collect your SSC Result 2020 BD quickly regarding this process.

    All Education Broad SSC Result

    Bangladesh's Secondary and Higher Education Council will have a total of 10 Education boards. There will be eight general education boards, another Madrasah board and the last one is the technical education board. The results of each year are released for All Education Board on the same date.

    I'm going to share all the Investigate, Official Website, Educational Boards and also the testing process. Let's all run under.

    SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Broad

    Annually, large numbers of students take part in the SSC & HSC Exam. A total of 549,511 inquiries concerning the Educational Administration participated in the SSC Exam. The test results will also be published in April's last week or may's the first week. Examine can use both online and mobile text messages to check your performance. Websites for the methods are already seen on the above. We will navigate through searches up to this. You can check SSC Result Dhaka Board by SMS, by following the procedure.

    SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board

    This Board of Schools was founded in 1999. This is now the medium- and secondary education board of Bangladesh. The head office of this Board is located in Barisal, Bangladesh. The official Website is Full Division, under Barisal Schools Council. In the year 107,834, Barisal Board students took part in the SSC Exam. Discussing may use online and mobile text messages to test their performance. SMS system, listed below.

    SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board 

    Rajshahi is the 3rd Board at the School of Bangladesh. For the year 1961, the Board officially started its operation. The Official website manages the entire network of this board of education. The 2020 SSC Exam will attract a total of 204,586 Learners.
    No-one is awaiting their results now. You can use the smartphone SMS method below to get your response if you are one of them.

    SSC Exam Result 2020 Comilla Board

    Comilla (Now Cumilla) is also the Secondary and Higher Ed board of Bangladesh which administered PSC, JSC, SSC, and HSC exams. Full 5 areas within the board of education of Cumilla.A total of 193,884 exams participated that year on each of the SSC Exam 2020. Complete feedback on their outcome would also be positive. Website for the public:

    SSC Result 2020 Jessore Board

    Jessore was the 5th Education Screen Board of Bangladesh. Primarily responsible for conducting two tests by the SSC & HSC Community Board. SSC Exam 2020 started in Jessore Board on 2nd February 2020. Around 184,290 students took part in the study.
    The official website of the Jessore Board of Education is Analyze can access the Exam Routine and also the Exam result from this website. The official web site still features the verification system for Educational News, Note and Sonali Seba. The difficult method given below can be used by SSC Examine to verify its SSC Test 2020 By SMS. Now go to the text message list, then write down the following keywords and send the SMS to 16222 (official Education board number).

    SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

    The Board of Chittagong was the sixth board of education in Bangladesh. JSC, SSC & HSC exams were released each year by the Chittagong board. Every year, large numbers of exams take part in the JSC, SSC or HSC Exam. It is a significant GPA within the education board of Bangladesh.
    SSC Investigate in the Chittagong Education Board was 184,290 in 2020 This education board has an official website that serves various kinds of news. Discuss should search the Chittagong Board's official website ( for its results. SSC Outcome Text message form, available below for this Board of Education.

    SSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board

    BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education), Sylhet, established it in 1999. The Education Board also conducts annual SSC & HSC exams. Professor Momtaz Shamim is a new member of the Commission.
    There's also Education News, Exam Date & Time, Form Fill it up Date, Sonali Seba service on the official website. That SSC Examine may check the SSC Result 2020 by SMS at and also from the official website.

    SSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board

    You can search our site's Dinajpur Board SSC Performance. With each and every test, phone SMS can be used to check their results. Students must submit SSC DIN Roll Number (Exam Roll), Exam Year and SMS to 16222.

    Dakhil Result 2020 Education Board

    The Board of Madrasah Education in Bangladesh School Board is far too important. Because Islamic University co-ordinates the Islamic education program entirely. The Madrasah Board started operations separately in 1979, based at 2 Orphanage Road, Baksibazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Initially Md. Yousuf is the body's president.
    The Alia Madrasah Board of Education was also appointed by its Education Members. Many of 1-2 Laks students take the SSC (Dakhil) or HSC (Alim) exam in Bangladesh. Each exam will check its results from text messages online and smartphone.

    SSC Result Technical Board 

    The most recent board of education in Bangladesh is the Board for Technical or Vocational Education. BTEB supports the system of strictly technical education. It is situated in the Sher-E-Bangla NagarAgargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    It was created on 1 June 1969; it was formed 49 years ago. All information was given by a third party website and official website as well. The reports are eventually reported on the official web site. Every year a considerable number of individuals entered the SSC VOC Exam 2020.
    And every review is like a general education board checking their outcomes of the study. I mentioned the on-line process above, too. The SMS form can however be found below.

    SSC Result 2020 Grading System

    The grading system is one of the most common systems introduced at so many Bangladesh boards of education. The grading system is a system that assigns the grades according to the marks secured by the students.
    CGPA is the Maximum Net Grade Point Average, the technical ranking system for Bangladesh. It is the newly developed grade system in Bangladesh. It is used for measuring the overall academic performance of a student in schools, colleges, and universities. The grades are given to the students (A, B, C, D or F).
    These are the last moments in the message. Finally, no more word is needed about both of the SSC Result 2020 BD. They hope you learned our SSC result correctly and received material. Love you visiting our website https:/ To get your result, please contact us via the comment box if you encounter any problem
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